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Feature Films - Louiza Vick and Erin Searcy  

Commercials - Trevor Kossack  and Kristen Billings

Television - Brian Goldberg



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TIFF Review : "The Next Generation of Canadian Cinematographers"

Filmmaker Magazine:  "Cinematographer Catherine Lutes on shooting the Pop-Up Porno series"

Chatelaine Magazine:  "Cinematographer Catherine Lutes lights up the Canadian film scene"


"One ought to experience ALGONQUIN solely for the rich cinematography by Catherine Lutes transporting us to the idyllic and treacherous land of North Bay, Ontario; she is a shining beacon for women in Canadian film. In concert with a careful touch of Hayes, such simple moments carry the most weight against the vastness of Algonquin Park; ones that we often yearn for however we never seem to take."   CANADIAN FILM REVIEW


"St. Onge has worked with cinematographer Catherine Lutes in the past, and their aesthetic here attests a shared strength of visual language. Together they work to reinforce the narrative normalisation of this romance through lighting cues, particularly through beautifully subtle flares of sunlight speckling the edge of the frame whenever Molly and Ben share the screen. It’s as much an expression of the romantic exaggeration the relationship undergoes in Molly’s mind, the striking light casting their pairing in a poetically idyllic mold of perfection that belies the constant sense of unease their age difference provides. Of course, that he is older is to her immaterial: she is young and in love, and little else matters to the enamoured mind. It’s a great success of Lutes and St. Onge’s work together to put us in the head of their protagonist; to allow us to see the way she sees, to feel the ways she feels."

"Lutes makes another invaluable addition to the film in the form of her handheld framing, deftly controlling the camera but always allowing its movement to express the naturalism and spontaneity of these characters. "  NEXT PROJECTION


"The mood is set thanks to Catherine Lutes’ gorgeous cinematography — the canoe-view camerawork is lovely — and a lighthearted score by Ohad Benchetrit and Justin Small. They put us in the heart of a stunning northern autumn, the richly coloured trees reflected in mirror lakes."   TORONTO STAR


"Top marks go to Simms and cinematographer Catherine Lutes for framing the boys so naturally and innocently in their surroundings. (One striking shot foregrounds the flowers and tall grass as the boys assess their situation.) The majestic visuals are inspiring. "  CINEMABLOGRAPHER